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Learn how to align your values and actions with who you want to be.

The Problem - We Aren't Who We Say We Are

Our values don't prioritise what's important for our growth and happiness.

Do you value wealth and products or family? How about honesty and loyalty? And do you stick to these values when they are challenged - even if it means confrontation?

In order to grow we need to take a good look at ourselves and the things we value. We need to decide what's currently important to us and what really should be important. Unfortunately, as humans, we are easily influenced and seek to impress others. These forces can push us to do and say things that we know deep down aren't aligned with who we want to be.

The Solution - Develop Great Values

Fortunately, with some training, we can change.

Neuronirvana's biohacking programs are designed from the ground up to help you think and act positively, to develop a better outlook on life and, most of all, to enable you to be your happiest self.

Through our 'Values' program and modules on Junk vs Congruent, Real vs Congruent, Move Towards vs Move Away From, Linking Values, Standards & Rules, and Goals, you can learn to align an important set of values with how you act - so you feel like you.

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Values Modules

Neuronirvana's Values program is made up of six modules and can be moulded to your unique work or learning environment. Each of the first six modules includes a presentation and a number of exercises. The last point is Neuronirvana's Proactive Monitoring Service.

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Junk vs Congruent

Real vs Congruent

Move Values

Linking Values

Standards or Rules


Proactive Monitoring

Improving Values

Junk vs Congruent

Junk values have no intrinsic value to us. Its more about impressing others which will never make us happy as these values tend to be a bottomless pit.

Real vs Congruent

As Humans we are very easily influenced. We conform and adapt a herd mentality which was great for survival however our values are like fingerprints, everyone's different.

'Move Towards' vs 'Move Away From' Values

Its important to know our move away from values just as much as our move towards values. These can often be more powerful.

Linking Values

Companies have all got values which is great but how does this help the individual. Linking personal values to the business values gives employees motivation to work towards their values.

Standards or Rules

Setting standards or rules from your personal values.


Setting goals that are congruent to your personal values and standards will help keep people motivated and on track with their personal compass.

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