Michael (Guy) Burford and Hemi Hara - Neuronirvana Podcast

Welcome to the Neuronirvana podcast where you can join wellbeing practitioner Ryan Baker as he takes his guests on a deep dive into the world of mental health and wellbeing. Anything that can improve your life, he’s here to talk about.

In this episode, I interview mates Hemi and Michael (Guy) Burford. Guy is a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses and Hemi is his intelligent right hand man. These guys were born in New Zealand and have been mates since school. In this podcast we cover everything from Guys vision for Green Smart Cities to the fascinating studies done with psychedelics and mental health. This one is not to be missed.

You can listen to the audio-only version on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music by searching for 'Neuronirvana Podcast'. You can also find it online at Podfire.

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This podcast contains topics that are sometimes confronting and disturbing. If anything in this podcast has raised concerns for you or you need to talk to someone, support is available. Call Lifeline anytime at 13 11 14 for confidential telephone crisis support.

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