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The Problem

We start and finish work every day by thinking about risks.

We think only what could go wrong? and never 'what is going right?'.

Training your brain to only identify risk is dangerous for your mental health. Suicide is far too common in our industry.

We use programs designed only for survival and not for happiness.

Neuronirvana is here to change that.

The Solution

Neuronirvana's programs are designed from the ground up to help your workers think and act positively, to go through life with gratitude and kindness knowing that there are as many rewards as there are risks.

Through our Happiness, Connection and Values programs your workers will develop the tools they need to identify and act on the good, while effectively managing the bad. Let's change the way we look at the world.

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Topics Covered


Change the negative bias and rewire your brain for happiness.


Reconnect with the things that will truly make you happy.


Align an important set of values with how you act - so you feel like you.


"With Ryan's help on the project we made a huge difference. Ryan showed up with energy and passion that infected the people around him. People listened and understood where Ryan was coming from."

- Scott Baker | IIF Coordinator - JKC

"Special thanks to Ryan Baker who shared a poignant IIF moment on how we can shift challenges into positive opportunity through the power of gratitude."

- Michael O'Sullivan | Project HSES Manager - JKC

"All the men took different pieces of the presentation away with them. Our crew is generally a positive bunch but I believe this presentation boosted positivity even further and gave them a different perspective/way of thinking to stay positive to the end."

- Ryan Christophers | Supervisor - Eastarm Civil

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