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Learn to rewire your brain for positivity and a happy life

The Problem - A Negative Outlook

When you're surrounded by technology and comforts it's easy to forget that the human brain is still wired for survival.


For thousands of years we've had to look over our shoulder and predict the worst - and whether you like it or not, your brain still looks at the world that way.


What does this mean?


It means we naturally have a 3 negative thoughts to every positive thought throughout the day -otherwise known as a 3:1 negative bias. We're still subconsciously looking for that lion hiding in the bushes and although society has (thankfully) progressed at the speed of light we, unfortunately, have yet to catch up.

The Solution - Rewire for Happiness

Fortunately, with some training, our brain can be rewired.

Neuronirvana's biohacking programs are designed from the ground up to help you think and act positively, to develop a better outlook on life and, most of all, to enable you to be your happiest self.

Through our 'Happiness' program and modules on Gratitude, Breathing/Physiology, Language, Awareness, RAS, and Visualisation/Affirmation, you can change the negative bias and rewire your brain for happiness.

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Happiness Modules

Neuronirvana's Happiness program is made up of six modules and can be moulded to your unique work or learning environment. Each of the first six modules includes a presentation and a number of exercises. The last point is Neuronirvana's Proactive Monitoring Service.

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Breathing & Physiology




Visualisations & Affirmations

Proactive Monitoring

Rewire for Happiness


Teaches our brains to look for what’s right (happiness) in any situation instead of what’s wrong (survival).

Breathing & Physiology

Types of Breathing and Physiology sends signals to the brain telling it which emotions it should be feeling. Change one of both and we can change how we feel.


Each word creates a biochemical reaction in the body which creates an emotion. Awareness of the language we use changes how we feel.


Our subconscious which is our programming runs 96% of our thoughts and feeling. These are habitual so being more aware of these we can start changing the programs which aren’t making us happy.

Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Chooses what your brains focuses on. Change your focus change your neurological connections in the brain. Meditations - Allows us to build our awareness without the stresses of everyday life.

Visualisations & Affirmations

Allows us to rewire the brain to think and feel how we want it to feel instead for running from the past which is our subconscious.

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