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Learn how to reconnect with things that truly make you happy

The Problem - Lost Connection

We've lost connection to the things that are important to our happiness.

With the rapid development of online technologies and easily accessible information we see and hear more than we ever have. Unfortunately our brains are still wired for survival and so we're always on the lookout for the negative instead of the positive. This means that most 'news' is bad news. On top of that, we're losing connections to those around us. When we see our friends and family through a screen it doesn't have the same effect as seeing them in person. The more we 'connect' online, the more we lose connections to the things important to our happiness - and we're losing connections to all of the things that once made us who we are as a species.

The Solution - Learn to Reconnect

Fortunately, with some training, we can reconnect.

Neuronirvana's biohacking programs are designed from the ground up to help you think and act positively, to develop a better outlook on life and, most of all, to enable you to be your happiest self.

Through our 'Connection' program and modules on Kindness, Love & Connection, Contribution, Growth, Responsibility vs Blame/Complain, and Grounding/Nature, you can learn to reconnect with the things that will truly make you happy.

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Connection Modules

Neuronirvana's Connection program is made up of six modules and can be moulded to your unique work or learning environment. Each of the first six modules  includes a presentation and a number of exercises. The last point is Neuronirvana's Proactive Monitoring Service.

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Love & Connection





Proactive Monitoring

Learn to Reconnect

Kindness Through Empathy & Compassion

Doing acts of kindness and looking for acts of kindness helps us see good in ourselves and good in the world. Using Kindness and understanding towards others helps us see that nobody is perfect and we are all doing the best we can with what we have.

Love & Connection

One of our core needs as humans is love and connection. In a world where we are more connected through technology we have lost human connection essential for life.


Giving is the secret to living. Giving to another whether is something small or something big it takes the focus off ourselves and gives signals to the brain that we are in an abundance instead of scarcity.


You are either growing or decaying. Growth in all areas of our lives is essential for a great mindset. Our brains are designed to set and achieve goals.

Responsibility vs. Blame & Complain

Evolution has taught us to complain and thats how we get what we want (survival). However in todays society taking responsibility for our actions will help change the workplace culture.

Grounding & Nature

As humans we are constantly insulated from the earth. We wear shoes everyday everywhere. We have a disconnect from the earth so when we get charged or have an imbalance with the world we can’t balance out bodies out.

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