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Start and end each day with gratitude to break the chains of a negative attitude. 

Neuronirvana for Mining & Construction:

Rethinking Safety Culture

Many organisations start and finish work every day by thinking about risks.


We only think about 'what could go wrong?' and never'what is going right?'.

Most safety programs only focus on survival and neglect happiness but training your brain to only identify risk is dangerous for your mental health.

NeuroNirvana is here to change that.

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Sectors We Can Help

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Mining & Construction

Devloping the tools we need to identify and act on the good, while effectively managing the bad.

Skills in happiness, connection and values for a healthy mind at work.



The essential tools to unlock happiness, overcome bullying, injustice, depression, trauma, anxiety, and feelings of unworthiness and negativity.

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Going to work each day grateful for what we have and learning strategies to plan goals and overcome mental obstacles.

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Our Programs


Learn to rewire your brain for positivity and a happy life


Learn how to reconnect with things that truly make you happy


Learn how to align your values and actions with who you want to be

Where Did Neuronirvana Come From?

After helping many people overcome 

struggles through coaching and his Breaking Through Challenges retreats, NeuroNirvana was launched by respected mindset coach Ryan Baker in 2019 after heading back into mining and construction. 

Ryan realised there is a problem in the construction and mining industries, eating away at them from the inside. He realised that the safety culture so prevalent in these industries is directly affecting the mental health of the people on the ground, without the companies even realising.


Ryan began teaching fellow workers the benefits of gratitude and a positive mindset with great results and once word spread, started doing presentations for all contractors onsite (peak work force of 2000) as well as upper management, also with great results.


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